A few of our favorite things...


Aquila Strings
...the best Ukulele strings in the world!
- Aquila's USA Website
- Aquila's International Website

D'Addario Strings
Great strings for most conventional instruments
- D'Addario Strings' Website

Electric Guitars

Craig O'Donnell (Australia)
- Craig O'Donnell's Website

Girl Brand Guitars
- Girl Brand's Website

Harvey Citron
- Harvey Citron's Website

James Trussart
- James Trussart's Website


Electric Guitars (continued)

Jersey Girl (Japan)
- Jersey Girl's Website

Michael DeTemple
- Michael DeTemple's Website

Versoul (Finland)
- Versoul's Website

Vigier Guitars (France)
- Vigier's Website

Acoustic Guitars

Versoul (Finland)
- Versoul's Website


Christophe Leduc (France)
- Christophe Leduc's Website


Basses (continued)

- Zon's Website

Harvey Citron
- Harvey Citron's Website

Jens Ritter (Germany)
- Jens Ritter's Website


Alter Ego (Italy)
- Alter Ego's Website

NS Design
- NS Design's Website

Exotic Instruments

Peter Biffin (Australia)
- Peter Biffin's Website