THD 1-12" Combo Cabinet

Production has started on THD's new modular 1-12" combo cabinet. The new combos are available for order and are shipping now.


The new THD 1-12" combo is a tuned-port bass-reflex cabinet like the THD 2-12". The 1-12" has a number of features that substantially reduce standing-waves inside the cabinet, giving it a very deep, even, tight and punchy sound. You won't believe that you are listening to only a single 12" speaker. The 1-12" combo cabinet is designed to sound as full and tight as a THD 2-12" cabinet. It uses a single THD Vintage 12".

The entire line of THD amplifier heads (including the soon-to-be-released Deco-36) are available as 1-12" combos.

Product dimensions: 20.5x22.875x12.5
Product weight with UniValve® chassis: 53 lbs
Product weight with the BiValve-30™ chassis: 66lbs
Product weight with the Flexi-50™ chassis: 75 lbs This product plants a tree with American Forests' Global ReLeaf® program!
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Hear it and see it. (Coming soon.)