The THD 2-12" Speaker Cabinet

“… these lightweight, musical THD cabs can improve your tone dramatically.”

-Guitar Player, September 1994


The THD 2-12 Extension Cabinet is the key to the magic between your fingers and your ears. Delivering a sound that is deep, smooth, and clear, focused and sweet, this cabinet truly is a vital element for improving the tone chain.

The THD 2-12 Cabinet is a bass-reflex design cabinet with a slot-port in the rear instead of the more common tube port in the front. Unlike a tube-port, there is no chance of “whistling” through the slot-port in THD’s cabinets. The slot-port being shallow, but wide, gives a lot of rear projection and a more open, 3 dimensional sound similar to an open back but with a dramatically fuller, tighter bottom end.

THD’s Cabinets are constructed from 3/4" 13-ply birch with 1/2" birch ply baffle and rear panels. The corners are finger jointed for strength and rigidity and the speaker baffle is dadoed in to the sides to make for a remarkably strong and durable cabinet. To eliminate noise we found in other handles, we use steel inset handles that are remarkably strong and do not rattle. Other components of the cabinet such as Switchcraft jacks are utilized because they provide a better connection to your speaker plug and steel jack dishes because they cannot break or push through. Inside, the speakers are wired with Belden wire, an industry standard that is very high quality, sounds great and lasts a lifetime. Also featured on the cabinet’s exterior are nickel-plated steel corners to deflect blows and large cast rubber feet that serve in reducing vibrations.

We set out to design a full sounding, lightweight 2-12 speaker cabinet that could rival a 4-12 in volume, power and projection. According to the Press, our customers and our ears, we succeeded with flying colors. The THD 2-12 cabinet has a tight, clean, focused sound that’s not the least bit harsh, brash or tubby.

From an amazing vintage shimmer, to a tight modern sound, the THD 2-12 Speaker Cabinet can offer you the elusive tone you’ve been searching for. Audition one and you are certain to take it home with you.

Shipping dimensions: 32x16x24, 56lbs

Full product specs. (PDF)
Product manual. (PDF) This product plants two trees with American Forests' Global ReLeaf® program!
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