The THD Longhorn and Vintage Speakers



THD Flexi-50

12" Guitar Speakers, US-Made, British Cone, 16 ohms, 80 Watts RMS Continuous Power Handling.


Individually hand-treated speakers, custom aged by THD using our proprietary method.

The THD Longhorn speaker is clear and tight, without a lot of coloration. It reproduces the sound of the amplifier in a comparatively true and musical manner. Modeled after the older Celestion Classic Lead 80 speaker, but aged to removed the initial harshness that all other new speakers have. Ideal for 4-12 cabinets, and great to mix with our THD Vintage 12" speakers.

The Vintage speaker has a sweet, clear treble end, a full, tight bass range, and a somewhat scooped midrange. Modeled after the vintage Brown-Frame Oxford 12" speakers of the early 1960s, and aged to remove its initial "new-speaker" harshness, as well. Ideal for single 12" and 2-12" combos, and great to mix with our THD Longhorn 12" speakers in 4-12 cabinets.


Product dimensions: 12" diameter, 5.25" tall
Vintage weight: 8.30 lbs
Longhorn weight: 7.70 lbs




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